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Provides increased ride height with the use of custom tuned springs for increased performance and handling both off-road and on the highway, and lift spacers in the front. Springs are about 10% stiffer than stock to provide the performance without being harsh.

Kit includes rear lift springs (longer than stock), front performance springs, front lift spacers, and correct length front sway bar links. All required hardware and instructions included. Strut disassembly required. Kit is installed with your shocks and struts.

Front spacers select from 1″, 1.5″, or 2″ height lift.

Front springs select from:

Stage 1 for most standard applications– +10% stiffer than stock

Stage 2 for heavy load / overlander applications– +20% stiffer than stock. Will provide approximately .5″ of lift. Not recommended for use with 2″ spacer.

Rear springs select from:

Stage 1 for most standard applications– +10% stiffer than stock. Will provide approximately 1.5″ rear lift

Stage 2 for heavy load or overlander applications– +20% stiffer than stock. Will provide approximately 2″ rear lift in non-hybrids, 1.5″ of lift on hybrids.

Rear Lift Bushing is installed between rear upper spring perch and body. Provides additional 5/8″ of body lift. Not recommended for use with Stage 2 rear spring.

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Lifts vehicle with up to 2″ Suspension Lift
Kit includes:

  • Rear springs with performance tuned spring rate and increased height and travel
  • Front springs with performance tuned spring rate
  • Front lift spacers
  • Front Sway bar links correct length for lift
  • All required hardware
  • Full Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 7 in

1", 1.5", 2"







Estimated Installation Time: 5-8 hours
Download Front Coil Spring Installation Instructions
Download Rear Coil Spring Installation Instructions

7 reviews for SPRING LIFT KIT – RAV4 GEN 4

  1. Kyle Wright

    I’m loving this spring lift kit. Much better than all the plain spacer kits out there. Check out my in depth review on Rav4World.com and ToyotaNation.com.

  2. Kevin Liu

    I’m a huge fan of this spring lift and so glad I went with this kit from Northwoods. My vehicle doesn’t sag as much when loaded out for a camping trip or with a trunk full of gravel. I no longer worry about my hitch eating rocks on a steep incline. Bumps and potholes are far less noticible on the road and tearing down dirt roads feels much more comfortable than the stock suspension ever has. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to bring both a little extra height and a lot more comfort to their drive.

  3. Anthony True (verified owner)

    Good kit, fairly easy install if you have done lifts before, but if your a first timer instructions could be better.
    When you go to put the rear spring on the instructions will have you remove the inner A-arm bolt, DONT instead remove the outer a-arm bolt that attaches to hub and just push the a-arm down and remove old spring and install new, litterally a ten minute job if you do it this way.
    Overall its a 5 star system, car rides better and handles better. I went with 245/65-17 cooper at3 4s tires on stock wheels, no rubbing issues at all and look great! Makes the Rav look like it should from the factory!

  4. Trenton Moore (verified owner)

    We didn’t want a spacer kit that couldn’t handle the trails we take. We needed something more complete, and this kit fit our needs perfectly. Our OEM shocks and struts only had about 35k miles on them so we didn’t spring (pun intended) for the complete kit, but we can say that since having these on for the past few thousand miles, even on stock shocks/struts: NWP did their homework. The coil rates are perfect for extra cargo and we no long experience e harsh bottom-out’s anymore just going over our neighborhood speed humps. Truly a great ride quality difference. Driving feel is improved as well as cornering, by quite a noticeable amount. The powder coat is beautiful and the craftsmanship is impressive regarding the front strut spacers. We are extremely pleased with this kit and the price is something you can’t beat. An easy install in your driveway (make sure to use proper coil compressors). Thanks NWP!

  5. Thom Cerny

    My trusted mechanic raved about the quality of the product and ease of installation of the lift kit, raised exhaust pipe and skid plate. Customer service was fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more 2018 RAV4 products!

  6. Koeno Jan

    Don’t have interesting pictures yet, but as soon as i have the opportunity to take them in a suitable setting i will pass them on to you.

    I did not have the time to install the kit myself unfortunately, had it done by my garage. My mechanic, an off roader himself, really enjoyed installing it and was impressed with the clever design he said. Especially the idea of the front lift spacers and the lubrication nipples on the sway bars. We drove the car for about a week to let the system settle before we put it up the bridge again to check alignment. For some reason the left rear wheel alignment was way off, the rest needed some minor adjustments just to make a bit nicer.

    Now for the driving part. Well you turned it into a stiff spring’ ed german car as far as road feel characteristics are concerned. I like that personally the road contact. It tells you what the road is doing to you. I don’t do a lot of off road work, because there is’t much off roading possible in the Netherlands. Only on vacations. And even that is this year not really possible given C19. So for my use, I think that the original Toyota supplied shocks will be good enough from what I have been able to “feel” until now.

    Sure as hell it doesn’t sink all the way to ground any more when fully loaded! I did a trip to Geneva Switzerland from the Netherlands and back again last week. This to move my son back home from a 6 months internship at the CERN particle beam research facility. To my pleasant surprise the car seemed to behave with much more stability when fully loaded at a 150km/hr (93mph) at the German autobahn. I suspect the more normal upright stiffer spring’ed position when fully loaded created a higher downforce compared to stock springs. It was just a delight to steer it comfortably with 2 fingers only. Even at a high speed autobahn changing turnoff, which i took a tad to fast accidentally at 130km/hr it still kept good road contact despite hanging over. Albeit I felt that I was pushing the limits a bit too much and was glad that the road was dry.

    Off road wise, can’t tell you really yet otherwise than that i can take the multiple speed bumps in my town with the added confidence that the oil sump will never hit it again =:).

    Thanks for designing and providing a very useful product filling the hole Toyota forgot. It makes the RAV4 a much more useful and enjoyable car to drive.

    With regards,


  7. Noah W (verified owner)

    Awesome! Fantastic customer service. Installed roughly 2500 miles ago at home on my 2017 along with the skid plate and header; the skid plate had already been put to good use. With 245/66/17’s I’m up to 8in in clearance after everything settled in. I use the Rav way harder than it’s intended purpose and the Northwoods parts hold up great. Over the last couple months 500+ miles of open desert and equal part snow, having the extra 1.5″ really helps.

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