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Northwoods Performance 2″ lift with the Bilstein B8 5100 series system. Using Bilstein’s brand new B8 struts with integral 1″ lift, we have incorporated our performance springs to provide incredible handling both on the street and off road. This kit provides 2″ of front lift, and 1-1/2″ or rear lift to give a level look and stance for your RAV. In the front, the struts come fully assembled with our performance springs and lift spacer. In the rear we provide our performance lift springs with the Bilstein B8 shocks. (The front struts are 1″ longer in the lower body, increasing the distance from the spindle mount to the lower spring perch by one full inch, allowing more room for larger tires.


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  • 2″ Bilstein B8 Suspension Lift
  • Kit includes:
      • Front Bilstein B8 struts with integral 1″ lift, fully assembled with our Northwoods Performance springs, with 1″ Northwoods spacer to provide a full 2″ of front lift
      • Correct length front sway bar links
      • Rear Northwoods Performance lift springs to provide 1-1/2″ of rear lift
      • Rear Bilstein B8 shocks
      • All required mounting hardware

    **Installation note: with 2″ front lift, lower strut body may interfere with vibration damper bushing on drive axle shaft on some vehicles. Movement of damper 1″ up the axle may be required.

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 9 × 9 in

Estimated Installation Time: 5-8 hours
Download Front Coil Spring Installation Instructions
Download Rear Coil Spring Installation Instructions


  1. Larry Davis

    We installed your 2″ Bilstein B8 lift all the way around and it looks great and rides even better than stock on the road. With the install we also replaced the rear upper control arms with adjustable ones from SPC. Another recommendation is to replace the lower rear trailing arms with adjustable ones as the factory ones are typically epoxied and are no longer adjustable, so we changed those out also. This allowed the vehicle to to be completely dialed in all the way around. I think I sent you the parts I used for the rear in a previous email. If not, let me know, I will resend them. We also installed the aluminum skid plate with the hole cutout for the filter. Today we installed 245/65 R17 all terrain ties. Wow! Really finishes up the look. The rims on the vehicle were on it when I bought it a few years ago. Not my first choice but they do look very good with the color combination. They are by HD Tuning but are no longer produced. Love the whole setup, highly recommend your offerings. Way better than I could hope for.

  2. Brandon Bentzley (verified owner)

    The quality of this kit is excellent. I’ve installed a few different kits on my 2006 Rav4, and this is by far the highest quality components and ride quality. Like the other reviewer, it important to correct the toe and camber at all 4 corners after installing. I also used the adjustable SPC control arms in the rear and the cam bolt in the front. My Rav4 also has 1inch spacers to fit the 6-piston calipers and 356mm discs (4/330 in rear), and rides well on 255/55R18 tires. This kit really brought the Rav4 up to the next level in looks and performance.

  3. Jacob

    The kit came very quickly, all parts and prices were included. No need to waste time because these guys are oh top of it. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the items upon arrival. I have put lift kits on other vehicles before but never did they include the instructions. Big huge thank you for that. (It also gave approx time) I’ve had the kit on for around 2 months now and taken it down rough roads/trails and it way out performs the stock iteration. If you do have concerns and need to reach out the folks I’ve spoken to have always been helpful and quick with answers. I even emailed late one night and didn’t expect a reply but someone got back to me within 30 mins. Basically what I’m saying is for a very limited market these guys are the best! Keep up the good work and I will be purchasing more. Side not eI wish you did Nissan Frontier lifts as well.

  4. Ed Freeman

    Amazing product. I got these shocks about a year ago and it was money well spent. I really did not like the way the aging OE shocks performed on my 2010 RAV4 and wanted something better then just a standard OE replacement. I heard about this company from a guy at a trailhead rocking a similar vehicle and was very intrigued. I was concerned about how the lift might affect the handling and durability of the vehicle, but one year in I’m so glad I made the choice. The company is also really awesome about answering any questions you may have about installation and tire options. Installation was pretty straight forward. I did it myself and found the front shocks to be a cake walk and the rear shocks are definitely challenging to get out. I would recommend good long socket wrenches and a ratchet extender for more leverage. No additional parts needed replacing outside of the kit provided. Even with the 2″ lift, my car handles turns just as well if not better then before the upgrade. Where it really shines in my eyes is rough roads/moderate off trail and more clearance. It is still a firm ride, but I feel a lot more confident going over potholes without feeling like I’m about to break my vehicle. Even fuel economy hasn’t gone down much as a direct result of the change. I lost 1 MPG from the change as a general average, although if you do change to larger tires or off road/snow specific tires that will have a more pronounced effect on fuel economy. In the winter I have used this kit with a 235/70R 17 (30″ diameter) Blizzak tires. I definitely don’t recommend this as there is a little bit of rubbing when you turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and its definitely pushing the limit, but I found a great deal so it is good to know it will work. 245/65R17 (29.5″ diameter) is what I will be going after for future tires. With the right tires and lift kit, you can easily see your clearance increase by 3″. That 3″ helped countless times during a long and endless winter in Tahoe and the car just looks so much better. Thank you guys for helping me creating my dream machine!

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