We ship around the world on a daily basis from here at Northwoods, and a large percentage of our customers are Canadian. Please find the general outline below of our shipping policy and standards.

  • We charge a shipping fee only. This is the base cost of the shipment. We charge only our actual cost based on our commercial account rates.
  • We do not charge taxes, and leave this to the customer. Taxes do not seem to be assessed consistently, but from Canadian Customs you will be asked to pay some combination of GST and perhaps a Provincial tax prior to release of your items from Customs.
  • Canadian Customs may charge a duty fee, but not likely due to the Free Trade agreements in place. Again, this does not seem to be assessed consistently.
  • For Ground services, both UPS and FedEx will charge a brokerage fee of approximately $70-$100 USD. This may be billed after the parts are released from Customs. This also does not seem to be consistently assessed. However, this fee is waived with the use of Express Services (air freight). So it may be cheaper in some cases to use Express shipping services to avoid the brokerage fee.

Because the assessment of all these fees is not consistently applied, we do not charge for them on the initial order and payment; the negotiation and payment of these fees are the responsibility of the customer.