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Northwoods Performance suspension system provides increased ride height with tuned spring to dramatically improve street and trail performance. On the street, your RAV will eat the corners and have greatly reduced braking dive. On the trail, you will eat up the potholes and dips without bottoming out, even when loaded with coolers, dogs, and gear. All without being too harsh for your daily commute. We offer our full kits with fully assembled front struts, with a number of shock packages:

• STANDARD KIT-KYB Excel G front struts , Monroe OE Spectrum rear shocks
• SHOCK UPGRADE KIT-KYB Excel G front struts, Bilstein B4 rear shocks

The front lift is available with 1-1/2″ or 2″ lift options. 2″ lift includes rear lift bushings.

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  • 1-1/2″ or 2″ Suspension Lift
  • Kit includes:
    • Rear springs with performance tuned spring rate
    • Rear Shocks: Monroe OESpectrum, Bilstein B-4
    • Front springs with performance tuned spring rate installed on KYB Excel-G struts with front lift spacers and sway bar links
    • All required hardware
    • Full Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 59 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in

Standard 1 1/2" Lift, Standard 2" Lift, Shock Upgrade 1 1/2" Lift, Shock Upgrade 2" Lift

Estimated Installation Time: 5-8 hours
Download Front Coil Spring Installation Instructions
Download Rear Coil Spring Installation Instructions


  1. Adam

    Good even gentlemen.

    I had the pleasure of installing the kit today with another hobbyist mechanic.

    First off, props to Nathan at Northwoods. He took great care of me throughout the buying process. I was a pain in the ass when purchasing due to a split payment.
    He answered all my stupid questions personally.

    The install went great at first using a compressor and air tools.
    We swapped the front struts/springs with no issues. It took us 2 hours for both sides with a rain/thunderstorm delay.

    The hassle came when removing the lower A arm bolt on the rear passenger side to do the spring.
    We had a hell of a time getting that last bolt out.
    She was seized up pretty bad. No amount of penetrating oil helped. We ended up using a riveter to hammer it out after all attempts failed.
    The bolt was still in great shape after that, so we reused it.

    The top shock mount that gives people nightmares went super smooth for us. Using a box end 17mm and ratcheting 17mm box end, it broke free quickly.

    The rear driver’s side went smooth once we knew what we needed to do.

    The lift looks great and the Rav4 handles better on road with the Bilsteins.
    I’ll report back once my new tires are fitted and an alignment is completed.

    Don’t hesitate to buy this if you’re looking for a reasonable lift.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    I have had my kit installed for about a year and a half. I just finished a 2000 mile plus road trip starting in Colorado and climbing up the Rockies to Glacier. The suspension did great on the highway and on the rough back roads and trails (even a couple rutted river crossings). I like the product, no regrets about the purchase. However, I don’t know if I notice much of a difference over the rear factory springs. The front is clearly lifted but the rear still seems to sit about where it was with the 10-year-old coils. I don’t think load capacity increased at all either. It still squats noticeably when my dog hops in the back and even when loading up our little row boat on the hitch. Overall I am happy with the product, I just think it is closer to a quality OE replacement than an upgrade. — 2011 Rav4 V6 Limited

  3. austin (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase and very happy with the customer service. install was super easy and the wife is happy with her RAV upgrades. – nathan was very helpful and quick to respond. thank you again

  4. Ben H.

    The suspension kit is on the RAV here in Rwanda. Because the farm here is seriously rural about 40 miles off of the pavement, in tough, tough roads. In the states we farm in the blue mountains in Oregon, and are 40 miles from the nearest grocery store, so we know tough roads, and nothing we run on in Idaho and Oregon is tougher than what we face every day in Rwanda. We almost exclusively run 70 series Land Cruisers, or Nissan Patrols. We tried a RAV once before with poor results. This suspension it made this RAV a different rig, it handled going to the farm, and handles more positively on black top too. The ride is firm, but not too much. First impression is awesome. We might get another RAV just because of the fuel economy advantage. Nice job. Thanks a lot

  5. Kristina

    this lift kit is awesome! The handling when driving is amazingly controlled. It handles curves easily on the freeway, street roads, and gravel! The handling on the freeway at high speeds make the RAV so much more fun to drive! Installation was extremely easy and it’s really nice the kit comes with instructions. The blue springs looks great under the car and they add a nice touch to the appeal of the vehicle. Definitely recommend the buy!

  6. Eric

    I have finally and recently installed my performance suspension kit without the lift that we worked out. Been driving on it for about 5 days or so and I have to say it changed the whole car! It drives so much nicer, stiffer and sportier and don’t really have much more than that to say. I will definitely be coming back to you once I upgrade to my Gen 5 Rav4 in a couple years! My car corners so much better, drives stiffer, and my favorite… it got rid of those old suspension creaking sound. Install, for the first time ever working on the suspension of my car went fairly smoothly. Definitely took me a solid 8 or 9 hours but it looks awesome, drives awesome, and overall just is awesome! Thank you so much for all your help with this! One last question for you, since I am hoping to put a slightly bigger tire on my car at some point in the near future, if it turns out it doesn’t fit and rubs a lot then I may just get the little lift kit for it and install that. Northwoods’ Customer Vehicles

  7. Mitch (verified owner)

    Been pleased with my 1 1/2″ kit with the KYB/B4 combo. The rav doesn’t dive as much in corners and holds cargo much better than it did previously. I also notice that my hitch rack for mountainbikes doesn’t scrape like it did prior to the lift. Nathan was super helpful and answered all of my questions prior to the order. Thanks!

  8. Edgar Barron (verified owner)

    The whole setup seems amazing, the only downside its I did not received the hardware so I contacted them and they say I must use the old hardware. When in the description it mentions “All required hardware”

    • Nathan Jones

      Edgar–thank you for your comments and review. Just curious what hardware was necessary for your install that we did not provide? We appreciate your feedback.

  9. Jack (verified owner)

    I have been extremely satisfied with the standard spring lift kit over the past two months. I have a 07 V6 Base 4wd, and I felt as though this suspension complimented my vehicle well. Some of the advantages are the rear springs which allow me to use my cargo tray without scraping my driveway. Also, the rear springs allow me to put 5 people in my car and not ride on the bump stops. My rav also handles much better, and with my 245/65/17 tires it rides smoother as well. I think for the money this kit is definitely worth it. For the install it wasn’t too difficult it took a few hours and having a second person really helps. Also, there are some informative YouTube videos out there. For my install the most difficult parts were the sway bar end links and the shock top mount bolt. For the top mount bolt a ratcheting 17mm and another 17mm wrench is a must. For the rear links I ended up breaking one of the oem links because it was so rusted. I went to the auto parts store and picked up 2 more and replaced them. I recommend doing so if you still have the oem 14mm drop links. I wish the kit came with them that’s my only gripe. For the front links I ended up cutting them off with an angle grinder at the sway bar. They were so rusted it wasn’t worth event trying the allen. After cutting them I just grinded the stud on the back down until the threads fell through the other side. Actually worked pretty well. Otherwise the process went fairly smooth and isn’t too difficult to do on jack stands. Overall a great product, it shipped fast and Im happy with how my rav looks ans drives.

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