Northwoods Performance Warranty and Return Policy:

Northwoods Performance warranties all of our products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the product. Northwoods will repair or replace, at our option, any and all defective products. Any and all costs of replacement or removal, installation, freight and shipping, or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this warranty.

Not covered under warranty:

  • Owner opinion on ride quality, performance, design, or fit and finish of products.
  • Normal wear and tear of products.
  • Products severely abused, misused, or used in a manner outside of the normal design and use intent.
  • Products installed incorrectly, or not per the written Northwoods installation instructions.
  • Paint and finish beyond 100 days of sale.
  • Discontinued products.
  • Struts and shock absorbers. Struts and shock absorbers are covered under individual manufacturer’s warranty. See applicable manufacturer for warranty coverage.

Contact Northwoods Performance directly at for warranty claims and service.

Notice to Owner and Operator:

Vehicles that have been modified or enhanced for off road or performance operation will have different handling characteristics from the stock or OEM vehicle. This may be due to modification of the suspension, tires, wheels, storage racks, grill guards, or other alterations to the vehicle. Such modifications may cause the vehicle to handle differently due to higher center of gravity, larger tires, or altered track spacing due to use of different wheels. Use care when driving to avoid loss of control and allow for increased braking distances. Use safety belts and other safety devices at all times.

Note that modified vehicles may increase wear of some components in some cases due to changes in driveline, U-joint of CV joint angles, or ball joint angles and increased load due to larger tires. In addition, installation and use of some Northwoods Performance products may alter or void your factory warranty; check with your vehicle dealer to verify warranty coverage.