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Provides over an inch of increased ground clearance if used alone, and increased clearance for skid plate option. Carbon steel exhaust tubing with high temp powder coating provides economical alternative to expensive stainless steels. Tucked up high, or further protected by our skid plates, it will provide the high clearance you need. Rear flange hardware and gasket included.

**Note: Does not fit Hybrid Models**

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Kit includes:

  • Carbon steel exhaust pipe
  • Rear flange bolts and gasket

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 9 × 5 in

Estimated Installation Time: 1-2 Hours
Download High Clearance Exhaust Installation Instructions


  1. brendon (verified owner)

    Received the High Clearance Exhaust Pipe for my 2017 Rav4. Even with material constraints in the market, Nathan and his team were able to get one out to me in just a few days. The exhaust is well made, the fit and finish was better than any of my personal attempts at making one or the few available on the market. I was able to get it installed in about 30 minutes, obviously allowed a couple hours of soak with PB blaster before hand. It fit as well as the OEM exhaust and required no bending or pressure on the existing mounts. It has not caused any additional exhaust noise or any codes on the computer. Overall I am very happy with the product and to be able to rid my car of Toyota’s mistake of a hanging pipe.

  2. Pete Phat (verified owner)

    Thanks to NWP for making this product to fix Toyota’s mistake of the low hanging exhaust. The quality is excellent as well, looking at the bends/welds. My technician that installed it was impressed as well. It pairs perfectly with the skid plate.

  3. Pete Phat (verified owner)

    Aw, I thought I posted a review but it didn’t go through. Bottom line is, great quality product, pairs perfectly with the bottom skid plate.

  4. Jorge Rivas (verified owner)

    Thanks for this part, it fit great and got more clearance for off roading! Need to install the skid plate now, but it was an easy installation in 2 hours! I didnt remover the air deflector wich saved some additional time! Thanks northwoods!

  5. David posey (verified owner)

    Beautifully made part, good powder coating and probably just as high quality as the original piece.

  6. Eric Heaton (verified owner)

    Super impressed with this high clearance pipe! Would highly recommend. The front donut gasket fits perfectly with this pipe. No check engine light, no leaks. Much better than the competition.

  7. John K (verified owner)

    I bought this a couple years ago, along with the skid plate, but didn’t get around to installing it til now. The exhaust was easier to install than I thought, with the most difficult part being removing the old exhaust pipe, as it had rusted on a bit over 90K miles. I bought a rechargeable impact wrench just for this job, and it worked perfectly! I also decided to replace the front spring bolts and gasket with OEM parts. Took about 1/2hr total.

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