The ultimate protection for the rear of your engine and transmission! Full skid plate protection from the engine cross member all the way back to the rear transmission cross member. The solid plate provides the ultimate in protection!

Front mounting points are on cross member. Drill 2 holes in the aluminum engine cross member, and install nuts and hardware. Can be used with front engine skid plate for seamless protection front to rear. To remove solid skid plate for service, 4 nut and bolt removal—takes just 10 minutes or less. Drain hole is provided for engine oil drain plug access without removing the plate.

Includes all mounting hardware and brackets, and full installation instructions. Pic of under car installed skids shows both front and mid skids. This item is for mid skid plate only.

Steel plates are 1/8” thick and weigh about 28 pounds. They come in a bare metal finish without coating—you can spray paint or powder coat to your desired finish, or just go patina style.

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Kit includes:

  • Skid plate
  • All required hardware
  • Full Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 30 × 2 in

Estimated Installation Time: 2-3 hours


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