Get increased ride height and ground clearance with our custom tuned springs and engineered front spacer in a complete lift package! Our custom springs increase driving performance and handling both off-road and on the highway.

For the LE and XLE models, our Northwoods springs are about 15% stiffer than stock to provide an increased spring rate without being harsh. Our engineered front lift spacers provide 1-1/2” of front lift with the correct camber offsets to allow factory alignment specs. Front sway bar links of the correct length for the lift included. In the rear, we provide upper shock bushings to provide full droop for our longer spings to maintain a great ride and control. And we offer your choice of our rear lift spring to provide the ride height and rate that you want—just select the rear spring Stage:

STAGE 1—212# spring rate, provide 1.25”+ lift on non-hybrid vehicles. Recommend for LE, XLE when usually lightly loaded.

STAGE 2—212# spring rate, provide up to 1.5”+ lift on non-hybrids, 1.25” of lift on hybrids. Recommended for non-hybrids, heavier weekend loads and additional lift.

STAGE 3—250# spring rate, provide 2” lift on non-hybrids, 1.5”+ on hybrids. Recommended for hybrids and serious overlanders.

Reference rear spring rates: OEM LE/XLE non-hybrid rate = 188#. TRD rate = 212#

Amount of lift is approximate and will vary by vehicle. Lift will vary depending on model and submodel, factory and aftermarket accessories installed, and original ride height of vehicle.

**Not recommended for Prime models**

Contact us for shipping rates outside of the US and Canada.

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  • Kit includes:
    • Front Performance Springs
    • Front 1-1/2″ Lift Strut Spacers with Engineered Camber Offsets
    • Rear Lift Springs, with your choice of Standard 1-1/2″ Lift OR 2+ Overlander Rear Springs
    • Correct Length Front Sway Bar Links
    • Rear Shock Spacer Bushings For Correct Rear Suspension Droop
    • All required hardware
    • Full Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 in


Estimated Installation Time: 5-8 hours
Download Front Coil Spring Installation Instructions
Download Rear Coil Spring Installation Instructions


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