1-1/2″ Spring Lift Kit – Gen 3

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Provides increased ride height with the use of custom tuned springs for increased performance and handling both off-road and on the highway, and lift spacers in the front. Springs are about 15% stiffer than stock to provide the performance without being harsh. Kit includes rear lift springs (longer than stock), front performance springs, front lift spacers, and NOW includes correct length front sway bar links. All required hardware and instructions included. Strut disassembly required. Can be installed with your stock shocks and struts, or upgrade to our spring lift kit with shocks and struts.

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Lifts vehicle with 1-1/2 Suspension Lift
Kit includes:

  • Rear springs with performance tuned spring rate and increased height and travel
  • Front springs with performance tuned spring rate
  • Front lift spacers
  • All required hardware
  • Full Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 7 in

Estimated Installation Time: 5-8 hours
Download Front Coil Spring Installation Instructions
Download Rear Coil Spring Installation Instructions

2 reviews for 1-1/2″ Spring Lift Kit – Gen 3

  1. Dave

    These are great! Northwoods team got them out to me super fast with rush shipping like I needed and my local shop put them on with no problem. The extra clearance on my 2008 Rav4 is enough to let me keep up with all the grown up trucks. I had the KYB shocks and struts installed at the same time and the whole setup rides so nice. I love it!

  2. FRANCISCO CAMPOS (verified owner)

    I have a 2010 rav4 sport v6. I bought it with 60k miles in 2020 and made it my project car. I plan to take it offroad. I chose the Northwoods lift kit together with Tein Endurapro shocks and struts.
    Nathan made sure he gave me the right parts (eg. V6 springs and new sway bar links). Although because of the pandemic they took a while, they all arrived safe and sound. Nathan kept me updated in the process.
    I just finished my installation a few weeks ago. I confess it was a little tricky I had to pass some hurdles maneuvering the moving parts and untigtening bolts since the struts became longer with the lift spacers they would touch the shaft. But I finally fitted everything into place.
    After a few days testing I decided to do the review. I tested the car in full force. Highway, city and rough roads (Offroad is still pending). It was a pleasure to know I made the right investment. Thanks Northwoods for such a quality offroad product!
    Each car is a different world depending on shock and strut brands. Maybe you can’t compare mine to yours. I have Tein Endurapro shocks and struts. They are beefier than stock. These are firm but absorb the bumps, strongly reducing the impact that disturbs the vehicle’s behavior. The rav4 feels like a sports car.
    I notice the addition of the Northwood springs makes it the perfect combination hands down. The faster the car, the better. The rougher the road the more stable. I have never felt such quality ride in my rav4 before. It feels like a luxury sport car. In stock form the suspension would give you an unsecure feeling when trying hard on corners and bumps.
    These springs are really custom tuned for on & off-road. Northwoods have really spent a lot of hours testing. I am happy with my purchase.

    Northwoods coil springs allow my Rav4 to ride smoothly when unloaded and once loaded it becomes mildly stiff. This allows my vehicle to bounce less when loaded. This suspension allows high flexibility in obstacles offroad and in the city it feels like a high performance car. The car can absorb bumps and have low body roll.

    I gained about 1 1/2 inch front and back after it settled down. Enough clearance for my 255/55/18 Toyo Open country AT3 tires. Car looks beautiful and balanced.

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